Omega A1 Gonoth


Omega A1 Gonoth (Given name Omega, Blood of the Hive Designated A1, Component of the Cell designated Gonoth), is a Worker Caste Lyran. He is a Marine aboard the ship, even though he has almost no skill with weapons, and is physically the weakest of the Lyrans on the ship, because his Worker Specialization is in demolitions, and he can create explosives from almost anything. He is very smart, very quiet, somewhat withdrawn, and introspective. He is also the only Lyran on ship with any artistic ability (He is a painter and poet of great skill).

Omega has black “Skin”, no hair, almost humanly brown (Pupil-less) eyes, and appears as though he were a short Terran that was REALLY well built. He is about 5’2", and weighs about 195 lbs (Though he doesn’t look like it. This is due mostly to the fact that his “Skin” is actually a vestigial exoskeleton).

The members of the Gonoth Cell, are: Alpha T6, Beta C3, Epsilon G9, and Omega A1.

Omega A1 Gonoth

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