Epsilon G9 Gonoth


Epsilon G9 Gonoth (Given name Epsilon, Blood of the Hive Designated G9, Component of the Cell designated Gonoth), is a Executive Caste Lyran. She is the actual leader of the Gonoth Cell, even if Alpha T6 appears to be so. No member of her Cell may go against a direct order from her, though she rarely gives such commands, and leaves the vast majority of the day-to-day administration of the Cell to Alpha, and the chain of command aboard the ship. She is the ship’s Psychiatric Officer, and holds degrees from MANY academic institutions in Xeno-Psychiatry. She highly versed in many different forms of therapy, and the ones she uses most frequently aboard ship are: Empath Immersion Therapy (A temporary melding of emotions, in which the Empath takes negative emotions from the patient (Taking them upon themselves), and gives the patient some of their own positive emotions.), Basic Talk Therapy (The same stuff you could get today from a good psychiatrist), and Emotive Sexual Therapy (A form of Empathic therapy that amplifies the natural good feelings produced by sexual intercourse to help the individual to overcome whatever negative issue they are currently trying to deal with).

Epsilon has light red (Almost Pink) “Skin”, no hair, richly amber (Pupil-less) eyes, and appears as though she were a short Terran that was REALLY well built. She is about 5’1", and weighs about 150 lbs (Though she doesn’t look like it. This is due mostly to the fact that her “Skin” is actually a vestigial exoskeleton, though the exoskeleton is almost completely replaced by an endoskeleton in the Executive Caste).

The members of the Gonoth Cell, are: Alpha T6, Beta C3, Epsilon G9, and Omega A1.

Epsilon G9 Gonoth

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