The Antares

Name: The Antares

Designation: Res-5932

Owned/Commissioned By: Resurrection Inc.

Classification: “Pocket Battleship” (*1)

Crew Complement (Minimum Active/Current Total/Possible Capacity): 100/300/350

Marine Complement (Minimum Active/Current Total/Possible Capacity): 50/73/150

Main Armament: Laser Cannon (4 Fore, 2 Port, 2 Starboard, 2 Above, 2 Below, and 4 Aft), Large
StS Missile Rack (1 Fore, and i Aft), Small StS Missile Rack (2 Port, 2 Starboard, 2 Above, and 2 Below), Plasma Projector (2 Fore, and 1 Aft).

Auxiliary Armament: Gravity Lance (1 Aft), AM Missile Rack (2 Below), HVW Launch Port (1 Below), Magnetic Grapple Apparatus (1 set Port, and 1 set Starboard), IBEVA Rack (4 Port, and 4 Starboard).

Computer: A-Synth I-st Tier A.I. named Gregory.

Shuttle Capacity(2): Assault Shuttle (4 Above)(3), Escape Pod (70 Various Locations).

The ship that the characters are crew-members of.

*1)The ship is considered Heavy Cruiser class ship in size, but is comparable to a Battleship in Armament and ammo capacity (Though it sacrifices armor and hull thickness to do so, having armor comparable to that of a Light Cruiser.), thus earning it the slang classification of Pocket Battleship.

*2)Any of the ship’s airlocks can accommodate most standard sealing methods from shuttles as well as other craft, and space stations. Shuttle Capacity is specifically a count of shuttles kept aboard the ship.

*3)One of the Assault Shuttle bays is taken by Liz’s Scout Shuttle, leaving the Antares with 3 Assault Shuttles.

The Antares

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