Term Definitions

The Nexus: The entire web of wormholes throughout the galaxy.

Cluster: Any set of systems and or hubs controlled by one government, or otherwise making one continuous unit.

Hub: A set of systems, usually 3 or more, directly connected by wormholes.

System: Any star system or set of star systems within a flyable range of wormholes leading out.

Jump-gate: A space station situated either immediately next to or around a wormhole for regulation of traffic and communications through the wormhole.

Wormhole: A natural phenomenon that connects two distant points so one traveling through reaches the other side almost instantaneously.

Holocube: A crystal cube about 3inch on each side that holds and displays interactive information.

Laser: A beam of concentrated and amplified light meant to cause damage. Deals purely Fire Damage. Multiply Range Increment by 1.5 when in vacuum, by .5 in atmosphere.

Maser: A modulated laser that is designed to ignore physical armor and disrupt organic matter. Deals purely Fire Damage. Multiply Range Increment by .75 when in vacuum, by .5 in atmosphere. Deals 1 die of damage less than base weapon. Attacks are treated as a Ranged Touch attack.

Plasma projector: An instrument for shooting super heated globs of plasma, which ignores energy shields, and deals damage equivalent to projectiles. Deals 1 die of Fire Damage, 1 die of Ballistic Damage.

Slug thrower: An instrument for firing solid projectiles. Includes rail guns, rockets, missiles, and firearms. Deals purely Ballistic Damage.

A-synth: A type of A.I that attempts to bond with and dominate a sentient organism through touch. About 45% of the time the organism will succeeded in keeping it’s mind, but there is another 45% chance that they will be completely dominated by the A.I and the last directive these creations of war where given. 10% of the time the two will come out even and they become one being, although it often is a very traumatic experience for the organic being.

B-synth: A type of A.I capable of complex thought and control as well as individual personalities. The Forerunner created them by capturing the essence of heroes they sought to keep and honor.

C-synth: The only type of A.I that has successfully been created by modern species. Like B-Synths, they tend to have distinct personalities, but they are not capable of emotion or overtly illogical thought (Unless left alone for long periods, after which they may begin to develop personality quirks. If a C-Synth develops enough personality, they are usually considered Rogue A.I.s, and are thus considered dangerous). They tend to also be the slowest of all A.I. Cores (Sticking around Tier III), though there have been some Rogues that have reached well into the second Tier of processing speed.

A.I. Tiers: The tier system is used to categorize Computers and Artificial Intelligences by processing speed and capacity. A Tier I system is the fastest of all. Most A-Synths, and a rare few, exceptional, B-Synths fit this Tier’s requirements. A Tier II system is the next highest, and is composed almost exclusively of B-Synth A.I.s (Though a few low capacity A-Synths, and high capacity C-Synths sometimes find their way into this Tier). Tier III is next, and is the lowest category that a system can be in to qualify as an A.I., This Tier is composed of almost every C-Synth created, though there is a higher number of B-Synths fitting this lower Tier than many would expect. Tiers IV through X, are all non-A.I. computer systems, having progressively lower capacity for information processing as they go down, with Tier IV being something like a starship’s Astrogation computer, and a Tier X being more like a low-end Personal Data Pad.

Personal Data Pad: The Personal Data Pad is the single most essential bit of equipment that any adventurer needs. The PDP is a character’s connection to the local Net, making possible things like: Local Calls (Back to the ship, for instance), Surfing the local shops for inventory information, Reading stored data, Taking pictures/video and transferring such to others, Making purchases or logging sales, and interfacing with non DNL computers. PDPs are usually highly personalized, and rarely look identical to each other (Even when made by the same manufacturer).

Guild rankings: Guild rankings almost always follow the following track (From low to high):
Novice (The lowest possible rank to be considered a member of the guild. Has no training)
Apprentice (Has begun, or is currently in training. Is not qualified to do solo work)
Journeyman (Has finished formal training. Is qualified to do solo work)
Expert (Has mastered the basics. Can begin mentoring Apprentices)
Master (Has mastered the finer points of two or more finer points within the craft)
Hall-Master (An elected rank. Has complete authority over one Guild-Hall, and a vote in Guild affairs)
Guild-Master (An elected rank. Is the chairman of the Guild’s Council of Masters)

Pilot’s Guild Rankings: Pilot Rankings do not follow the standard format for guild rankings.
Neophyte (Equivalent: Novice)
Trainee (Equivalent: Apprentice)
Second Class (Is a full pilot, but is not qualified and/or capable of piloting through a jump)
First Class Trainee (Is training to become First Class, and is allowed to jump only w/direct supervision)
First Class (A full jump pilot. May jump without supervision)
Master Pilot (Same as First Class, but is also capable of—And required to—take on Trainees when possible)

Resurrection rankings: Within Resurrection, ranking is thus:

For Sailors:

Senior Crewman
Petty Officer
Senior Petty Officer
Chief Petty Officer
Junior Officer
Senior Officer
Fleet Officer

For Marines:

Private (Equivalent to Crewman)
Private First Class (Equivalent to Senior Crewman)
Lance Corporal (Temporary rank between Enlisted and NCO)
Corporal (Equivalent to PO)
Specialist (Technically equivalent to Corporal in CoC, but it is a higher pay grade)
Sergeant (Equivalent to SPO)
First Sergeant (Equivalent to CPO
Warrant Officer (Equivalent to Ensign)
Lieutenant (Equivalent to Senior Officer)
Commander (Equivalent to Captain)

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Term Definitions

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