Resurrection: Revelations

The Hunt Begins

The Antares has docked at Exploiter headquarters, the only place where they will find a computer that can read the information from the sphere. While Scorpio seeks out the exploiter council for permission to use the ancient computer, Liz and Ivan explore the flea market. There they see all kinds of forerunner relics, but their interest is sparked when they find a gentleman who claims he can reprogram holo-crystals and believes he’s discovered how the forerunner used similar crystals to create B-synths. Meanwhile the council gives Scorpio permission to use the computers. He has Hope and Ul Taire get working right away. When he returns to the ship, Ivan and Liz tell him what they’ve found and he sends a private message with the information to Kel-Rik. Twenty-two hours later Scorpio gets an urgent call from Hope asking him to come down right away and to bring the scout with him. Suspecting trouble he also takes Ivan with him. When they arrive they find Hope knocked out with the exploiter tech trying to revive her. Ul Taire explains that they had discovered something important and she had jacked in to download the info, but it ended throwing her across the room. The jack in port was fried. They tried to get Hope back to the ship, but no one could lift her until she stood up, eyes glowing, and pointed to Liz; gesturing for her to come to her. Liz tried to resist and Scorpio got in front of her to stop the scout from attacking Hope, but Hope psionically threw Scorpio across the room and forced Liz into her arms. Hope pressed her fingers to Liz’s head and then they both passed out. Scorpio ordered Gregory to take off as soon as they got on board. When the two girls where revived in med bay, Hope declared that she knew what they were looking for and how they were going to win the war, but she didn’t know where they needed to go next. However a direction burned in Liz’s mind. Later, Hope explains that they are looking for a super weapon that is supposed to defeat the Crystalids for good and that the first thing they needed to get was the energy source. Liz continues to ignore the directions burning in her mind, but when she finds the planet that the directions are leading her to she finds that name burned into her mind; End-run, a shithole of a planet in the middle of nowhere. She eventually finds herself sick in front of the Scorpio and Ivan, repeating the directions and the name of the planet. After a council with the head officers they head for the planet, reading for trouble. When they arrive, Liz leads them to an old forerunner ruin crawling with the operations of some local crime boss. They fight their way in. Scorpio gets injured and Ivan ended up killing all but one of the remaining fighters trapped inside of their EMPed bodied armor. They break into the compound and are met with a dangerous looking man and about another seventy people standing in between them and the energy source. He tries to cut them a deal for it that Resurrection could not pay it, so Ivan offers to fight him for it. He accepts and Ivan earns the cryochamber killing him; only to discover that the man was the former second mate of a smuggling ship he had been on before. They escape the planet with the energy source. The hunt had officially begun.

Delivery Run
Episode 2

The crew is bored… it’s been six months since Scorpio has taken over and there has been nothing to report except the occasional bar fights. So when Scorpio gets the order from the board of directors to pick up a package in the Britannica system, he takes it without complaint despite the fact that the Antares is a war ship, not a currier. Turned out the package, however, was the most recent incarnation of the Dali Lama and his escorts; and that his payment for safe travel was not money, but information. This information came in the form of a true prophecy given not only to the captain, but to Ivan and Liz as well. It also came in the form of a strangely powerful, heavy, black sphere that frightened Hope when she saw it. She wouldn’t say much about it except that it was crystalid made and that she believed it held information, but Ul Taire, the Quor’den Master Trader, may know more. It was put away. While passing an asteroid field, the Antares was stopped by space pirates demanding their package. Their ships were smaller, but they had Scorpio’s ship surrounded with several of the asteroids training guns on them as well. Fearing for the young Dali Lama’s life, Ivan and Liz smuggle him and his escorts onto her shuttle, which cloaked as soon as it detached, while Scorpio stalled the pirates. They forced him to planet side where he soon realized that the pirates where not after his passenger, but the sphere. Meanwhile Liz and Ivan discover that the jump-gate out of the system was blocked by even more of the same pirates so they start to carefully make their way back to the ship. Scorpio receives quick help from Ul Taire in downloading the information of the sphere into a computer and takes it out in hopes to bargain for his ship and crew. It goes badly, the sphere is lost, and Ivan and Liz return to a gun fight. With no time to land, Ivan jumps from the shuttle and helps Scorpio and the marines take out the ground fighters while Liz takes things from above and Hope fires from the ship. Two marines were killed and they had to make a speedy escape when one of the pirate ships reactors blew. Getting out of the system proved to be an even bigger challenge that required Liz to scout out the system while Hope, Ryn, and Gregory hacked the asteroid guns. In the final run for the jump-gate they trained the asteroid guns on the ships and attacked with the Antares, while Scorpio piloted Liz’s shuttle to take out the incoming ship. Once out of system Ivan retires to inform the families of the deceased marines. Liz returns to her shuttle feeling better than she has in a while. Wondering what else that little ship can do she sits down and starts to write a letter to the Scout commander. Scorpio, devastated at the lost of some of his crew and how close he came to losing his ship, opens a bottle until Hope comes in and sends him to bed.

The True Prophecies:
To Scorpio: The answer to your question lies deep within the dark, and when you stand closest to your goal, the key will be torn from your grasp. When the Dog Star wanes, the Lord of Death shall take his throne.

To Liz: The damaged soul shall heal, the injured heart shall mend. The foes of each shall know the death that was brought her friends.

To Ivan: Be wary and watchful, in all that you do…. But… You do need to learn to be more human… Be careful that you don’t become your role more than yourself.

Episode 1

In this episode, a 20 year circle is complete. Antares’s son, Scorpio, is ready to take control of the ship that is his father’s name sake. Kel-Rik and Calypso meet up with Julia and Hope who have just returned from Antares’s maiden voyage where all the basic crew was picked up. On board is Ivan Novikov, Marine Lieutenant and responsible for the weapons, marines, and personal safety of the captain. Also already on board is Liz Bones, a guide scout staying aboard a docked shuttle. A ceremony is performed as the captain’s helm is switched from Julia to Scorpio Merci; just in time for her to board the Calypso II with Kel-Rik and take off with no info on where they’re going or when they’ll be back. Liz receives a gift from an old friend, but it does little to curb her anxiety of her sister’s departure. Even Ivan couldn’t ignore the stress Kel-Rik seemed to be under. Scorpio quickly and efficiently takes charge and they start out to pick up the rest of the crew. With Hope working out the kinks in the engine room, the rest of the crew settles down. Scorpio orders psych evaluations on everyone already there and coming in. This keeps the Lyran psych officer busy, which is no mean feat while her cell is having authority issues. Liz helps Ivan train the marines in hand to hand combat, and Ivan is kept busy with keeping the Marines under control. This gets especially difficult when accusations get thrown about between the Marines that almost required captain interference. After coming out of one of the jumps, Liz gets a message from the scout commander saying they believe there is an intruder on board the ship, someone he believe means harm to both the captain and the mission, but no other information. This doesn’t make any since until a mysterious man starts to show people up in the boxing ring. Suspecting that something is up, Scorpio challenges him in the ring and just barely beats the guy down, by which time Ivan takes over. Turned out the guy belongs on the Antares, but someone had messed with both him and his records. Despite a complete search of the ship, nothing was found.


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