Ivan (Vanya) Novikov

Lieutenant of the Marine contingent in Resurrection, and Bondsman to Kel-Rik


None yet, probably Strong/Soldier for d20 future

_ From the Public Files of Resurrection Inc._

Name: Ivan Novikov
Age: 28 Standards
Sex: Male
Species: Legally Novan; Genetically Terran
Hair: Brown, Medium Length, Messy
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Light, Weathered
Note: Frequently sloppy looking, gear all well worn, but extremely well cared for
Rank/Position: Marine First Lieutenant
Location: Indefinite Special Posting
Place of Birth: The Imperial System of Archangel

Born in the capitol of Archangel, Ivan Novikov (hereafter I.N) grew up in the sole custody of his mother name unavailable. I.N spent much of his time as a child in the company of other children of a ____ class background, and was considered a part of a EDIT OUT. Attending a local academy, I.N faced much ________. Upon being faced with a blood insult, I.N beat the other boy nearly to death; and, under the laws of Archangel, was immediatly adopted into that family, replacing the other boy.

I.N and name unavailable embraced their new positions, and I.N was placed into the finest military academy on Archangel, The Grand Imperial Academy. I.N Excelled at the military curriculum, and spent summers at his new families ranch on removed by Kel-Rick, learning to ride and herd animals.

I.N is, naturally, part of his fathers political/social plans and is therefore fairly important on Archangel, but no more so than many other minor sons. However, his section removed

After graduation, I.N served as an officer in the Archangel armed forces, learning both shipboard combat, and planetside battle. During service I.N lost his right arm, left hand, left leg, and eyes. They were replaced by removed by Kel-Rik with new removed by Kel-Rik cybernetics, allowing I.N full function. I.N is still considered a CLASSIFIED EYES ONLY MAJOR STOCKHOLDER

I.N then served with a free trader, who fell under suspicion of smuggling, but was never prosecuted. A few years into his service, I.N was involved in a mutiny; which side is unclear. He was marooned on OH HELL NO! REMOVE THIS ENTIRE SECTION! I FREAKING MEAN IT! KEL-RIK

I.N has sinced served with distinction as a Marine with Resurrection Inc.

Ivan (Vanya) Novikov

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