Resurrection: Revelations

The Hunt Begins

The Antares has docked at Exploiter headquarters, the only place where they will find a computer that can read the information from the sphere. While Scorpio seeks out the exploiter council for permission to use the ancient computer, Liz and Ivan explore the flea market. There they see all kinds of forerunner relics, but their interest is sparked when they find a gentleman who claims he can reprogram holo-crystals and believes he’s discovered how the forerunner used similar crystals to create B-synths. Meanwhile the council gives Scorpio permission to use the computers. He has Hope and Ul Taire get working right away. When he returns to the ship, Ivan and Liz tell him what they’ve found and he sends a private message with the information to Kel-Rik. Twenty-two hours later Scorpio gets an urgent call from Hope asking him to come down right away and to bring the scout with him. Suspecting trouble he also takes Ivan with him. When they arrive they find Hope knocked out with the exploiter tech trying to revive her. Ul Taire explains that they had discovered something important and she had jacked in to download the info, but it ended throwing her across the room. The jack in port was fried. They tried to get Hope back to the ship, but no one could lift her until she stood up, eyes glowing, and pointed to Liz; gesturing for her to come to her. Liz tried to resist and Scorpio got in front of her to stop the scout from attacking Hope, but Hope psionically threw Scorpio across the room and forced Liz into her arms. Hope pressed her fingers to Liz’s head and then they both passed out. Scorpio ordered Gregory to take off as soon as they got on board. When the two girls where revived in med bay, Hope declared that she knew what they were looking for and how they were going to win the war, but she didn’t know where they needed to go next. However a direction burned in Liz’s mind. Later, Hope explains that they are looking for a super weapon that is supposed to defeat the Crystalids for good and that the first thing they needed to get was the energy source. Liz continues to ignore the directions burning in her mind, but when she finds the planet that the directions are leading her to she finds that name burned into her mind; End-run, a shithole of a planet in the middle of nowhere. She eventually finds herself sick in front of the Scorpio and Ivan, repeating the directions and the name of the planet. After a council with the head officers they head for the planet, reading for trouble. When they arrive, Liz leads them to an old forerunner ruin crawling with the operations of some local crime boss. They fight their way in. Scorpio gets injured and Ivan ended up killing all but one of the remaining fighters trapped inside of their EMPed bodied armor. They break into the compound and are met with a dangerous looking man and about another seventy people standing in between them and the energy source. He tries to cut them a deal for it that Resurrection could not pay it, so Ivan offers to fight him for it. He accepts and Ivan earns the cryochamber killing him; only to discover that the man was the former second mate of a smuggling ship he had been on before. They escape the planet with the energy source. The hunt had officially begun.


Captain’s Log 4: I do not believe I have ever experienced anything quite like what I felt today. Seeing Hope lying there and then Ms. Bones threaten her…the counselor informs me it was a protective instinct for some one I cared for…I’m not entirely sure what this means. I know that I was hesitant to leave her bedside as well as reluctant to let the reportedly lecherous medical officer lay a hand upon her. This bears future contemplation time permitting.
Captain’s Log Addendum; I led Chief Engineer Hope to her quarters following an exam that showed she was hale and healthy…again I found myself inexplicably hesitant to leave her side and thus acted as only a gentleman officer could and requested to stay with her for the night to make sure she stayed safe…she made several unladylike advances on my person but that is simply her way and she is most likely attempting to embarrass me which she knows is impossible…rumours are flying through the ship about my night with the Chief Engineer, I have decided to ignore them unless they begin to affect the crews performance.

The Hunt Begins

Scout Bones; personal report: “I almost killed Hope today. I couldn’t help it! Her eyes, though green, reminded me too much- and I had no way of knowing what might be different considering what she is!.. She tossed us about like rag dolls… I would take comfort knowing that it wasn’t Hope, but the program that had taken over her, except that she ended up putting a part of it in me. The pressure I feel in my head, the direction I feel I must go… I cannot resist! I know what we are looking for; I know where we’re going. And I do not understand… Why me? I don’t even want to be here! We’re heading to End-run now thanks to my breakdown. Guess I can take one small thing from this; I’ll be leading a party around planet side.”

The Hunt Begins

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