Resurrection: Revelations

The Curtains Open

As the Antares’s crew recovers from their last escapade, Gregory receives delayed orders from Captain Kel-Rik to come meet himself and Julia at Dorado at a date 3-5 days from now. He informs Scorpio (who woke up in his room with a letter from Hope asking him to leave her alone) who okays the orders since he hasn’t heard anything from Liz yet. She hasn’t told him anything because the compass in her head is not giving her a direction. Liz informs Hope of this who suggests that she jack into Liz’s mind for trouble shooting, but that she wants to do it with the Lyran Counselor present. Meanwhile Scorpio finds Chelsea freaked out because she’s lost some of her memories and apparently some of her piloting skill for an unknown reason. He sends her to the counselor since medical has no idea what could be wrong. While escorting Chelsea, he meets a rather broken and beaten up looking Lieutenant Terry being escorted to the doctor by much less beaten up Ivan. Scorpio has also received word from this mysterious ‘ally’ saying he’d like to meet them before they reach Scout space. He accepts the offer and almost immediately orders Ivan to have him and his marines completely sweep the ship for info leaks. Hope helps Liz discover that the part they are looking for is actually the A.I. core from Mark underneath her bed- and the pull towards it instantly becomes too strong to bear. Liz sprints right past Ivan and Scorpio, who are seeking entry with a squad to search her shuttle, and ignores them until the box is in her hands. It’s only then that she realizes her ship has been recently tossed. She lets them in to search the ship. They trip a plasma mine, which Liz catches the brunt of, and kill the man hiding in the storage hold. Turned out the whole ship had been bobby trapped to kill the scout and possibly take out the Antares as well. Liz takes a time out to show Hope the A.I. core and Hope asks her to touch what looks like an A-synth to discover its purpose. While Liz is under, ship alarms go off as a fleet of Destroyers enter the system headed their way and will enter firing rang in a few hours. The Captain takes off for the bridge and Ivan for battle stations. On the way Scorpio gives permission for the small shuttle carrying the stranger to dock in the next few minutes. After making sure everything is fine on the bridge, he heads to the shuttle bay. Meanwhile Liz comes out of her trance like state and reports the A.I. is an almost completely finished project of Mark’s by the name of Simon. Trusting the Liz is still herself, Hope informs her that the ship will be under attack soon and offers to help her get the scout shuttle up and running. Scorpio ends up speaking with a man (who looks like Antares with blond hair) named Regulus. He was a member of the Empyrian Order; a group lead by a recently created clone ‘species’ per-say of which Antares was one of. Antares twin, Sirius, is the one that’s been following them- or specifically Scorpio. Since they lost Antares, the Order wants Scorpio and his genes back and that’s why they’re attacking. With the Destroyer’s closing in, Scorpio leaves and prepares his secret fighter ship, Reaper, for battle after the crew is set up; recruiting Ivan has his gunner. Chelsea, who appears to be feeling much better, takes off on the Defiant to get help. Liz decides to slip Simon into the A.I. slot of her shuttle and joins the Captain. Together they take out many of the missiles and enemy fighters, while sending reports about the strange ships and formations back to the Antares. Eventually the Reaper becomes too damaged to continue. Liz covers them back to the Antares, but her bay has been destroyed so she continues to cloak, take out wounded ships, and cover for the marines being shot out to take the ships from the inside. Ivan is one of them and he takes out one of the destroyer bridges, but is stopped from going to another one to rescue some held up marines. Barely avoiding detection, Liz picks him and his party up. Meanwhile, Scorpio reclaims the bridge and proves he’s in his element as he puts the Antares’ resources to full use; taking out entire ships at a time, while slowly retreating to the nearest wormhole. With more than half the enemy destroyers gone, it starts to look like they may win until Liz urgently contacts him saying the survivors have pulled together and appear to be building power for a single shot that the Antares won’t be able to stop. With Ivan’s urging, Scorpio makes the difficult decision to leave them behind and run. The Antares makes it to the jump-gate faster than any believed possible and the blast goes off just after they enter, taking the wormhole out instead. The Antares is met on the other side by the scout fleet being lead back by Chelsea. They dock on the Dreadnought, Mary Celeste, and wait to see if the wormhole will return. Liz gathers up the rest of the marines that are still alive and manages to stay hidden until the wormhole reappears. She’s only a second-class pilot, but there is no other option. She makes the jump and passes out on reentry near the Scout fleet. Ivan gets the shuttle back to the Antares and Liz to the medical bay before attempting to find the Captain. He discovers Scorpio’s in a meeting with the Scout Commander about repairs to the Antares. After the meeting, Scorpio reports back to Ivan and then makes his way to the docking bay where the Reaper is. There he find’s Hope staring at the piecemeal fighter looking like she had been crying. When she sees him, she goes straight up to him, socks him right in the nose, and then proceeds to kiss him until he can barely breathe.


Scout Bones; personal report: “Did I say last time that I’d been dragged deep? Comparatively I was skimming the surface. Two days ago, the scout ship was sabotaged and I was almost killed. Then Hope and I pull it together just in time for me to plug in the A.I. Mark… Mark had been working on and help defend the Antares against the Empyrian Oder (see official report). I’m only reporting on this now, because when the Antares had to run through jump to get away, I was left behind with Ivan and some other marines and I had to make the jump…. We should all be scattered across the nexus right now. I’ve been staying on the Shadowmark (fitting I think after that battle) since getting out of the med bay; trying to get her fixed up, get to know Simon, and avoid the Scouts… It’s wonderful to be home, but I’m worried about how my actions will warrant any disciplinary action. Are you even allowed to jump without having your first class?”

The Curtains Open

Captain’s Log: So I’m a miscalculation…I have found out that my fathers existence was determined by the genetic encoding of a secret organization known as the empyrean order…my birth was never expected because my father was removed from their custody under unknown circumstances…There is so much going on…I’m not sure what I’m doing or even thinking anymore…was it bravery or vanity that drove me this day…my ship came under attack from an unknown or rather newly known enemy…my fathers brother…my fathers people…my people…come to kill everyone under my command…to kill Hope…just to eliminate my errant genes from the galaxy…it was this this in my mind that I decided to take my untested project out…I know it was the wrong decision…I’m the captain I should never of left my ship…but they were after me…I would rather die a thousand times than let anyone else lose their lives for my sake…I ran the numbers as I dressed for battle…I knew I was going to lose this battle…but by adding an unknown…an X factor maybe I could save lives that would have otherwise been lost…I’m not proud of what I did…Looking into Hopes eyes…that my life means so very much to her…that she…loves me…I can’t say I won’t risk my life again…I can’t say I won’t make mistakes…but as I lie there on the shuttle bay floor her lips to mine and her tears wetting my cheeks and my nose burning from the punch…I will protect her…I will protect this woman…my only real friend…the only person who actually loves me…

The Curtains Open

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