Resurrection: Revelations


Scorpio woke up first and the Quor’den-than lead him to a room where he waited less than patiently for Ivan and Liz. Ivan returns first, then Liz, and a Quor’den-than comes in and explains the healing they gave them and the honor they give them by allowing them on their ship (who’s passages are normally filled with water). Scorpio asks again about Hope, but nothing has changed. They fly to Resurrection Headquarters on the station orbiting the Motherload planet where Julia is on the Quor’den-than ship and looking after Hope within minutes. Meanwhile the three are informed of the current situation. The Crystalid’s attack on the Dorado system had been thorough. There was a small contingent of scouts lead by Commander Li Nguyen with Resurrection as well as several others scattered with different systems. The large Crystal ships had continued on for a little longer and attacked a couple other systems before disappearing. Chaos is a good descriptor. Galaxy wide panicked is a better one. In the absence of the Scouts to unite the nexus, the core planets have formed a quick alliance with each other with Resurrection leading the attack plan. With that in mind, Scorpio, Ivan, and Elizabeth are taken to the owners and board of directors of Resurrection Inc for debriefing on their mission. The board members do not take their failure well and order their immediate execution. All hell breaks loss guards go to grab Scorpio and Kel Rik aims a laser pistol at the board members. He dismisses them all and allows the three to finish the details of their story and gets some rest. The next few weeks are busy, by choice, for the three of them. Ivan keeps himself busy, keeps his weapons and armor ready, keeps his fracturing mind occupied. Liz avoids these new scouts for the most part, spends a lot of time taking lessons for her first class and doing scouting jobs for Resurrection on the Motherload. Scorpio takes to flying and teaching the new fighter pilots. He starts keeping himself especially busy after Julia releases what was Hope. Julia doesn’t know what happened, or exactly how to heal her, but Hope is not who she was before. She doesn’t remember anything; not even the forerunner, not even her name. When she asked, the only name Julia could give her was… Faith.



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