Resurrection: Revelations

Identity Crisis

The Antares has been towed back to the Scout system of Dorado. They won the battle, at a great cost the ship and her crew. It will take months to repair the damage done to the Antares. Scorpio finds no time for himself, Hope, Regulus, or the Counselor who has expressed an urgent desire to see him soon. A third of the crew is dead and it’s all he can do to help settle things, evaluate damage, and start the repairs. Ivan is doing similar with the marines who lost half their comrades; many in a shot that took out one of the barracks. Liz is taken with a sudden bought of shyness and spends most her time repairing her ship, which she had taken to calling the Shadowmark, fixing the problems with Simon left over from the sabotage. When Scorpio gets a chance he speaks more with Regulus, with Ivan tailing him, who tells him more about the Empyrean order and how all their creations have psionic abilities. He himself is telekinetic. When asked why he’s coming to Resurrection, Regulus simply states that the way the Empyrean order is going about trying to ruling the universe will fail and he believes he can do better. He also reveals that they killed his twin. Afterwards Scorpio finds time to see the counselor. She explains that she feels the need to call his captaincy into question for the recent actions he has taken, but first she’d like to take a look into his mind. He allows it and they take an interesting look at his cold and nearly empty emotional state; except for the small little bit that has attached itself to Hope. When they come out of it, the counselor is having an epileptic fit and is rushed to the medic bay. When Scorpio sees Hope in the hall afterwards, he pulls her in for a kiss, which she gladly accepts. When the councilor recovers she explains that Scorpio’s hypnotic psionic ability surprised her and that she’ll be okay now. He had no idea he had any psionic ability, but there’s little time to dwell on it because the Scout admiralty council asks to see him. Meanwhile, Liz is asked to see her old friend and teacher, Scout Admiral Li Nguyen, also known as the Commander and Captain of the Mary Celeste. Much to her surprise, he gives her the deed to the Shadowmark, Chelsea give her preliminary first class pilot rank, and he asks her to meet himself and her two other teachers to discuss her status as a scout. The last makes her extremely nervous and she ends up passing her time with Ivan in one of the recreation halls. Ivan tells her about Regulus and how the man makes him nervous. Liz takes some time to meditate on the compass for comfort, but it tells her nothing for now. However on the way out she ends up getting stuck in a golden hall of warriors starting way back in ancient Terran and Novan history up to the great Antares. Their voices still echoing in her head, she tells Ivan about it who has seen this hall before in his own dreams. Scorpio then asks Ivan to come with him to the admiralty council and Liz leaves to walk the halls of her school before meeting her teachers. The memories sink deep, but are not as painful as she had feared. Scout, Commander, and Ghost ended up having good news. After her actions during the attack on the Antares, the admiralty council had decided not only to give her prelim 1st class pilot, but to completely reinstate her status as a scout, elevate her to captain, and give her first-in status for the jump through an untested wormhole. While this happy meeting takes place, Scorpio and Ivan receive word delivered from the council that Kel-Rik and Julia will be arriving any minute. Kel-Rik will be injured and in need of a special regen chamber which Kel-Rik asks Ivan to make sure is ready. True to their word, the Calypso II jumps into system and preparations are started. Liz is informed, rushes over, and meets Julia with the cryo chamber holding Kel-rik and helps her carry it to the med bay. Julia quickly takes over operations there and while Kel-Rik is being repaired, she asks to be briefed on their mission since they’ve been recruiting in Quor’den-than space for the past 3 months. It’s a lot to take in, and stories from both sides are told and filled in later that night with dinner on the Calypso II with Kel-Rik fully recovered. Both Kel-Rik and Julia are a more than a little surprised by the relationship status of Hope and Scorpio. Later that evening Kel-Rik takes Ivan aside to talk. They discuss Ivan’s life debt to him and agree that the terms of said debt have been met and Kel-Rik will release him. He’s much happier about it when Ivan agrees to stay with Resurrection for the time being. Kel-Rik also discusses Scorpio with Ivan, revealing to him that Scorpio’s status as captain is very unstable due to his actions in the battle and his lack of any real experience leading. The captaincy council the next morning reveals as much and there is little back up Scorpio except for the entire crew showing their support for Scorpio and Ivan and Liz’s testimonies. Even Scorpio has little to say for himself; except that he did what he felt he needed to when he left the ship on the Reaper. When the vote is tied, Kel-Rik makes the judgment to suspend Scorpio’s captaincy for a year or until the Antares is repaired, whichever comes first.


Scout Bones; personal report: “I can hardly believe it! Thanks to my old mentors, I’ve been completely reinstated as a Guide Scout! And not only that, I am now First-In for making the jump through an untested wormhole and have been granted first-class pilot training! I don’t believe it…. But now that Scorpio has been demoted and the Antares will be out of commission until full repairs can be made, I wonder if I can go back to working with the Scouts for a bit…. So I’ve been trying to work with the compass and it hasn’t been telling me anything. All I get is a picture of what looks like a giant space station and a feeling we should wait. Also, when I came out last time I got stuck in this sort of golden hall of statues. They all whispered things as I walked by and at the very end there was a Novan who reminded me of Antares. “Good to see the Bones’ still going strong” was what I heard as I past. I’m not sure what it means….”

Identity Crisis

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