Resurrection: Revelations

Gemini Complex

This time the crew is led to the more remote location of the Gemini system; a bi-star system with one inhabitable planet caught tediously in a double orbit counter-balanced with an uninhabitable one. Scorpio receives a request that he meet someone who calls themselves ‘an unlikely ally’ completely alone early the next morning at a remote spot. They dock the Antares for a bit on a Resurrection owned space station to pick up some marines and a second lieutenant for Ivan. While on station, Ivan learns about some of the disturbing plans of the Resurrection board of directors back at headquarters, and that the Calypso II has been missing for months now. He lets Liz and the Captain know, but their options are limited and their orders from Kel-Rik still stand. Liz figures out that the part is probably planet side and might be the target initiator, but is a little concerned that she’s not positive and that Hope seems too distracted to help. She and the captain have not been getting along since Archangel. When Liz goes to tell Scorpio, she interrupts him receiving an invitation from twin brother and sister celebrities, called Castor and Pollux, from the planet below for dinner to discuss an offer. After her report she makes the decision to ask about the picture she got from Scout. Scorpio tells her to keep quiet and attend a meeting he’s holding with the appropriate officers from Resurrection. One of those is Chelsea, captain of the famous Resurrection courier ship The Defiant. The meeting is about the strange man that Scorpio believes is following them. The science officer reports that after extensive tests, the final result says that this man’s DNA is very close to Antares’ but is probably not him. It turns out to be more of an informative meeting since no one has any answers and Kel-Rik and Julia are completely out of reach. A message is sent to the captain of the Damocles just in case this man, or whoever he works for, is following Resurrection in general. Latter Chelsea gives Scorpio, Ivan, and Liz a ride down to the planet for dinner with the twins. Their home is highly secure and all weapons the party is carrying are removed except for Liz’s crystal knife, which goes undetected by the scanners. After a pleasant meal, they retreat to a side room where the twins reveal that they work for an organization that would like the Antares to stop its mission of looking for the Forerunner super-weapon or come work for them. Scorpio gives a magnificent refusal after which Castor states that it’s not the ship they want on their side, but Scout Bones and the program in her head. Liz refuses to have any such thing, which becomes difficult when they have a servant bring in the target initiator. Ivan signals ‘mole’ to Scorpio who gets ready. The twins attack after failing to control Liz’s mind, armed android guards enter the room, and the servant flees with the part. Scorpio attacks Castor with a steak knife left over from dinner and orders Ivan to grab Pollux. Liz takes off after the part. Ivan, wishing for a gun, suddenly finds a mini flame thrower coming out his wrist and aims it at the guards. After Ivan gets a hold of Pollux, the fighting stops and Castor proclaims “the Empyrean Order shall one day rule” before biting a poison tablet. Ivan tries to stop Pollux from doing the same, but fails so he cuts off her head in hopes that brain scans can answer some of their questions. Liz returns with the part in hand, Chelsea get’s their weapons back, and they run, calling in back up from the Antares. They and several of the marines are injured during the escape and one whole assault shuttle gets shot down on the way out. Chelsea get’s put into cryo. Ivan deals with his marines, and gives Scorpio a talking to about showing good leadership especially when it’s going bad, which Scorpio appears to take to heart. Liz stores the part and then gets sent to sciences to see about the brain scans. The science officer says that the poison turned the brain to complete mush. Taking a closer look at the face, Liz realizes that the twin’s facial features remind her slightly of the Antares guy following them. When she points this out to the science officer, he says that he can’t check that reliably now because the poison was ripping apart the DNA as they spoke. Back on the bridge, the captain gets word that for their attacks at the twin’s household, they are banished from the Gemini system and they have hours to get out or be blown apart. Scorpio sends a message for the person who had contacted him earlier to the remote spot explaining briefly why he won’t be coming and they leave system. Thoroughly exhausted, Scorpio leaves the bridge and wanders to Hopes quarters in hopes to talk, but ends up passing out as she opened the door.


Scout Bones; personal report: “I don’t think I realized until tonight just how deep I’ve been dragged into all this. I was even invited to a meeting of Resurrection’s officers because of this person that has been following us. I’m not sure what to think of a man who looks like Antares, but I am sure that he is dangerous. I wonder if he’s connected to this Empyrean Order thing. I’m still shaken that they knew about the compass in my head; although it’s been acting a little off lately. I didn’t get a good reading until they put the part right in front of me! Scorpio impressed me, though, in how well he stood up to those crazy mind controlling twins. He continued to do well even after we got back on ship… … we lost a lot of people today, trying to get the four of us out of that trap. People I’d go so far to say were my friends. I think Ivan’s cybernetics are growing again. I hope Justin is right about them not being as bad as it may seem…. … speaking of my brother, I hope Julia is alright…”

Gemini Complex

Captains Log: I have made a fool mistake…I let myself enter into a situation that has left 20 of my marines dead and the loss of an assault shuttle…I should’ve never allowed this…I should’ve been smarter I shouldn’t have allowed this to happen…my mistake has cost men their lives in defense of myself and my ship…Ivan’s words struck a chord with me…but I am so exhausted so very very tired…I know that I cannot let my men die like this again…if i am to be the captain of this ship then I want to fight alongside my men…to protect them as best I can…this is the first worthwhile thing I have ever done in my young life…the first that truly means anything…the Reaper is nearly ready…and so am I…I will protect the men and women who put their grudging trust in me…my life for theirs are worth so much more than my own…who am I to deserve their sacrifice? I’m just a young man who had the good fortune to have everything handed to him…I will fight…and I will accept death if it comes…why…am I at Hope’s quarters?………

Gemini Complex

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