Resurrection: Revelations


Episode 1

In this episode, a 20 year circle is complete. Antares’s son, Scorpio, is ready to take control of the ship that is his father’s name sake. Kel-Rik and Calypso meet up with Julia and Hope who have just returned from Antares’s maiden voyage where all the basic crew was picked up. On board is Ivan Novikov, Marine Lieutenant and responsible for the weapons, marines, and personal safety of the captain. Also already on board is Liz Bones, a guide scout staying aboard a docked shuttle. A ceremony is performed as the captain’s helm is switched from Julia to Scorpio Merci; just in time for her to board the Calypso II with Kel-Rik and take off with no info on where they’re going or when they’ll be back. Liz receives a gift from an old friend, but it does little to curb her anxiety of her sister’s departure. Even Ivan couldn’t ignore the stress Kel-Rik seemed to be under. Scorpio quickly and efficiently takes charge and they start out to pick up the rest of the crew. With Hope working out the kinks in the engine room, the rest of the crew settles down. Scorpio orders psych evaluations on everyone already there and coming in. This keeps the Lyran psych officer busy, which is no mean feat while her cell is having authority issues. Liz helps Ivan train the marines in hand to hand combat, and Ivan is kept busy with keeping the Marines under control. This gets especially difficult when accusations get thrown about between the Marines that almost required captain interference. After coming out of one of the jumps, Liz gets a message from the scout commander saying they believe there is an intruder on board the ship, someone he believe means harm to both the captain and the mission, but no other information. This doesn’t make any since until a mysterious man starts to show people up in the boxing ring. Suspecting that something is up, Scorpio challenges him in the ring and just barely beats the guy down, by which time Ivan takes over. Turned out the guy belongs on the Antares, but someone had messed with both him and his records. Despite a complete search of the ship, nothing was found.


Captain’s Log: Today I received command of the ship Antares from my father’s old shipmate Doctor Julia Bonesuela formerly of the Calypso I now of the Calypso II. Despite my mother’s silent protestations I have chose this path for myself, not for my late father, and not for some deep seeded need to explore the galaxy…But because it is what feels right. As I looked out from the platform accepting the command codes i felt a sense of completeness that I cannot explain…it could simply be that I have been raised to be a captain and now I finally have a ship to be captain of.
Captain’s Log 2: There was a boxing match in the training area of the ship today…I generally would not involve myself in such futile displays of machismo and fighting prowess, however in this instance something was amiss. I have taken far more damaging blows in the training rings back home, it would take a far greater blow to slow me and thankfully my speed was enough to illicit the desired response. I believe that there is still someone or something on my ship that should not be here…I think the entire situation was a ruse to attempt to either leave us too relaxed or perhaps too paranoid to react appropriately to danger. Second guessing oneself is the path unto madness so until something shows itself I must remain wary.


Scout Bones; personal report: “Julia left today. I get the feeling it’s going to be a long time before I see her again. Her replacement, Captain Scorpio, appears to be only competent in practice. I bet he has no idea what he’s doing here. But then again, he wouldn’t be the only one. Ghost sent me a gift. It’s an odd crystalline knife that can cut throw everything I’ve tried it on… even power armor.”
Scout Bones; personal report: “I received word from scout command that there may be a mole on the ship with ill intent. I’ve suddenly realized that I have been paying no attention to anyone on the ship or even the ship herself. So I’ve been spending time exploring the ship and trying to get to know more people. I’m not an Exploiter, so it’s kind of hard to feel like I belong here. The only people who seem to completely accept my being here is Chief Engineer Hope and to some degree Lieutenant Ivan. With so many people on board, and me an outsider, I have no idea how to find a mole.”


Ivan Novikov; personal log: The new captain arrived today, apparently ready to accept his new position. He seems…young and very wet behind the ears. I hope that Kel-Rik knows what he is doing with this appointment; I’ve heard that this Scorpio is the son of a great fighter but that is not all he will need, and the last thing I want to be doing is protecting some heir if he cant handle himself
Ivan Novikov; personal log: Great, we barely get underway and we have security issues. The captain jumped into an illegal boxing ring; he won, but I don’t know if it was a good idea or a stupid one. His opponent though…he swears he is a member of the crew but his personell file is non-existant. Good cybernetics too. I think I am going to be very paranoid on this journey.


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