Resurrection: Revelations


The crew finds themselves led to the far side of the Britannica system; to the crowded space station of Essex. This time they are looking the Control Core Interface for the weapon. Once on station, Liz, Scorpio, Hope, and Ivan are led to a crowded, smoky gentleman’s bar and straight to a man sitting in the back with beautiful women on his arms and Novan guards standing nearby. Since the trail ended there, Scorpio sits down with the man to have a talk about what they are looking for. The man’s name is Marik Jung, the local Outfit boss. He says he knows where the part is, but it is going to cost them- too much. He then offered to have Liz do some “services” for him, but Scorpio absolutely refuses and Jung rudely dismisses them. Ivan smashes one of the Novans into the ground on their way out. Back on ship, they make plans to trick him into getting the part from him. Since Jung seemed to show an” interest” in women, they decided to send Liz and Hope back in “behind the captains back” while Scorpio and Ivan watched from a distance. Scorpio went on ahead, dressed in dirty coveralls while drinking and smoking, to search the area and get into position. When Liz, Hope, and Ivan enter the bar, they find Jung busy talking to a very large, very dangerous looking man. When the large man leaves the bar, Scorpio gets a glance at his face. The man looks exactly like his father… the legendary Antares! He follows the man to his ship, where he ends up fighting the stranger and is injured by him before being forced to run and get picked up by the marines. Meanwhile, Liz is talking to Jung and they quickly discover that he is not interested in what they thought, but believes she’s an assassin he’d like to hire. She goes along with it and follows him to a warehouse with Hope still playing the ditzy companion and Ivan tailing them all. Once inside, Liz spots the part among all of the illegal contraband. Jung asks her into a side room alone where she immediately finds herself with a gun to her head and questions she won’t answer. He shoots her in the foot, but as he gets close to tie her up, she stabs him and then throws another knife at him when he tries to run for the door. When she opens the door, Ivan is standing outside the door with a maser and all of the guards passed out from a sort of sleeping gas, thanks to Hopes handy work. They grab the part and make an escape out of the airlock. Once back on ship, and with everyone’s wounds healed, messages are received and some tests are made. There was some blood from the stranger on Scorpios coveralls. The DNA matches Antares’s. Scorpio swears the medical and science officers into secrecy, even though when Hope sees the picture he took while in pursuit she swears that cannot be Antares. Liz’s reveals that their next destination is Archangel, which is good because Ivan has just received word that he needs to return to his home world as soon as possible. The next day they travel on, taking a few moments to recognize Earth day; the anniversary of the complete glassing of Mother Terra in the last intergalactic war over half a century ago. It is a reminder of why they are attempting to stop this next war before it even starts. Just before the jump through the Archangel wormhole, they receive a message from Jung informing them that though The Outfit has placed a bounty on their heads, they should truly be afraid of another entity following them. But even this dire warning doesn’t shake Ivan from his worry about what is ahead.


Captain’s Log 5: It is a physical impossibility, my father is dead. My mother, her associates, his former crewmates all have informed me and shown evidence that my father passed away more than 20 years ago before my birth leaving a void within my mother that nothing has been capable of filling. I am unsure as to who that man was but the dna samples have shown a 96% match to that of my father…I am awaiting tests to determine whether or not they match my own and my mothers for paternity testing…This is a personal matter and i will keep it as such until such time as it interferes with my duties on my ship.


Scout Bones; personal report: “My family is closely descended from Terra. As far as I know, my ancestors didn’t leave and were simply traveling when that fatal day came. The ship has taken the day to remember. It always strikes me how everyone comes together on Earth Day, even people who don’t come from Terra. Strangely, I actually feel okay right now. It may just be the after effects of the regen chamber. The damn Outfit boss shot my foot trying to get me to talk. Seemed to think I was some kind of assassin! But playing along got us the part. Now the directions are simply pointing gently to Archangel. I believe Ivan is from there, but he doesn’t seem all kinds of excited to go. Come to think of it, the Captain seems kind of out of it as well.”


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