Resurrection: Revelations


Scorpio woke up first and the Quor’den-than lead him to a room where he waited less than patiently for Ivan and Liz. Ivan returns first, then Liz, and a Quor’den-than comes in and explains the healing they gave them and the honor they give them by allowing them on their ship (who’s passages are normally filled with water). Scorpio asks again about Hope, but nothing has changed. They fly to Resurrection Headquarters on the station orbiting the Motherload planet where Julia is on the Quor’den-than ship and looking after Hope within minutes. Meanwhile the three are informed of the current situation. The Crystalid’s attack on the Dorado system had been thorough. There was a small contingent of scouts lead by Commander Li Nguyen with Resurrection as well as several others scattered with different systems. The large Crystal ships had continued on for a little longer and attacked a couple other systems before disappearing. Chaos is a good descriptor. Galaxy wide panicked is a better one. In the absence of the Scouts to unite the nexus, the core planets have formed a quick alliance with each other with Resurrection leading the attack plan. With that in mind, Scorpio, Ivan, and Elizabeth are taken to the owners and board of directors of Resurrection Inc for debriefing on their mission. The board members do not take their failure well and order their immediate execution. All hell breaks loss guards go to grab Scorpio and Kel Rik aims a laser pistol at the board members. He dismisses them all and allows the three to finish the details of their story and gets some rest. The next few weeks are busy, by choice, for the three of them. Ivan keeps himself busy, keeps his weapons and armor ready, keeps his fracturing mind occupied. Liz avoids these new scouts for the most part, spends a lot of time taking lessons for her first class and doing scouting jobs for Resurrection on the Motherload. Scorpio takes to flying and teaching the new fighter pilots. He starts keeping himself especially busy after Julia releases what was Hope. Julia doesn’t know what happened, or exactly how to heal her, but Hope is not who she was before. She doesn’t remember anything; not even the forerunner, not even her name. When she asked, the only name Julia could give her was… Faith.

Charge of the Defiant

Part I
The now all but stranded crew of the Antares takes Kel-Rik’s decision pretty well for the most part. Scorpio retires to a good night with Hope, making plans to take the year off and maybe even visit his mother. Liz spends the night chatting with her sister until they both fall asleep on her floor. Ivan goes to clean his office and ends up falling asleep himself mid clearing out. Liz gets up super early to talk to the admiralty council about some of her discoveries on Archangel and to request some mission time. The younger admiral she talks to is fairly compassionate about her discovery of her friend and explains that there was a time lag between when the known survivors of the horrific attack were picked up and when they glassed the planet. This did leave some time for any vulture types to go in and clean up anything the scouts might have left behind. When Liz requests a guide job he says he’ll look into it and let her know. Meanwhile Scorpio calls Ivan to go with him to the Calypso II and talk to Kel-Rik about leave time. As they enter the ship and start talking with Calypso, her alarms go off. She immediately disappears to consult with Kel-Rik and prepare evasive action. Scorpio and Ivan turn and start running back to the Antares, Scorpio desperately trying to get a hold of Hope. As Liz is exiting the admiral’s office the compass starts to go off violently in her head. Confused, she tries to ignore it until the stations own alarms start going off. She rushes to a control station which is showing a ship larger than any seen before appearing to come out of an unknown wormhole above them. It looks like it’s made from some kind of crystal. A general call for immediate evacuation is delivered and Liz starts to run for the Shadowmark, contacting the others as the pressure in her head begins to relax. The Cystalid ship begins to fire before it’s even through the gate. There’s utter chaos and terror as several ships perish and several more take off for the other wormholes. Plans are made for Hope to meet Liz on her ship and for the guys to take off in the Reaper to meet them outside. Hope reaches the Shadowmark about the same time as Liz, thankfully with a bag of the parts they’d been collecting this whole time. Scorpio and Ivan grab their gear and exit the Antares with the Reaper just as the Mary Celeste begins to move away. There is complete destruction and little resistance. Just as the Crystalid ship finishes entering, another starts to come through and fire as well. As soon as the scout station is gone, they start to fire on Dorado itself. Liz picks up the Reaper and starts heading towards a wormhole that leads away from civilized space; the way the compass is pointing her. Transmissions on the way report a scout charge on the first ship lead by Chelsea and the Defiant. Their transmissions are lost as they crash into the ship and it stops firing. Liz jumps out of system. A couple of ships are mulling about on the other side and a few more come through, but all they can report is that the planet is burning and many ships have made it out; though exactly who is unknown. The last one coming through reports the Crystalid ships moving on towards other parts of civilized space. Scorpio and Ivan come up into the Shadowmark and Liz points the ship up and out towards a long chain of jumps that lead to nowhere, yet the compass is insistent. Everyone is exhausted. Hope is absolutely terrified as memories of her people’s own destruction in the very same manner begin to surface. Scorpio puts her to sleep and then he and Liz start tag teaming as together they take the little scout ship deeper into space. Memories and concern for what’s going on at home, along with little to no sleep, begin to seriously wear on them until Simon demands they land on a small asteroid and rest. The next morning they discover the closed end of a closed wormhole that the compass is pointing straight towards. The relatively three day jump takes both Scorpio and Liz to get through. One the other side they find an undiscovered system, and orbiting one of the planets is a very large space station that doesn’t look like anything they’ve ever seen before, forerunner or otherwise. But Liz’s compass is definitely pointed directly at it.
Part II
The Shadowmark and Reaper separate and enter an airlock entering the giant station. They gear up and walk down a huge hallway that leads them into what seems to be some kind of security room. Ivan’s cybernetics starts to act up and burn unless he stays in the hall. Liz’s knife starts to burn so much she has to drop it. They assumed it must have been because they are made of some kind of crystal and the ship must be guarded against Crystalids. Ivan stays in the airlock and Scorpio, Hope, and Liz make their way to the center of the ship. Once inside the bridge, Hope places the missing pieces in their respective places. On the bridge there are two human shaped pods that Simon and Hope work out are for her and for someone else to control the weapon. Hope and Scorpio hook into the system and Liz jacks in to watch. Scorpio immediately experiences a sort of amplification of his senses that stretches beyond the ship, beyond the system, into the entire Nexus. Ivan notices several Empyrean ships entering the system and calls to them on the radio’s that are only going one way for the moment. Liz unjacks and sprints to the airlock, where she moves their ships out of the way while Ivan sets up a defensible place. Meanwhile, Scorpio starts to experiment with the ships senses and try’s focusing on different ships entering system. He discovers that he can influence the other ships systems and sends one ship into another and completely blows up another. To his horror, he can feel the deaths of each person on the ships he attacks. Ivan and Liz see the explosion from the one ship and Liz sprints back to the bridge to see Scorpio almost unable to continue on controlling the weapon. Hope appears far beyond their reach in the machine so Liz offers to give it a try while he goes back to help Ivan. Scorpio concedes, and Liz plugs herself in. Simon is almost no help in explaining what this machine can do and Liz tries focusing in on the massive ship itself to hopefully learn more. She activates much of the defenses and ends up accidently killing the captain of a ship trying to enter the station from the other side. She also gets the PA working so she can talk with Ivan and Scorpio and makes it possible for Ivan to traverse the ship. Scorpio ends up guarding their only escape route while Ivan starts making his way around the station to stop the battleship that was still trying to come through despite losing it’s captain. Liz turns her focus to outside the ship for a bit and discovers some interesting senses as she focuses in on individual ships. She can empathically feel the people on each ship and tries to carefully fiddle with the energies as well as some systems. She ends up popping one of the A.I.’s which turns out to work well, but as she widens her focus, she realizes that there are tons of smaller ships landing in and infiltrating the weapon. She starts to focus exclusively on defense while Ivan takes them out. He also end up finding the armory, takes whatever he thinks could be useful, and doubles back to Scorpio to replenish his supply. Scorpio continues to hold out the airlock against shuttles attempting to dock and people trying to get through. Liz continues to focus in on making things very hard on the troops trying to get in when she feels a determined presence coming up on her fast. She meets it and feels Sirius as he tries to will her to sleep; which she only barely pulls out of in time to warn Scorpio and Ivan who both start to make chase because he is headed towards the bridge! However, they cannot catch him. He is either too fast or he uses his mind powers to stop or delay them. Liz tries spacing the corridor in a last ditch effort, but he ends up blasting through the blast door onto the bridge and yanking her out of the pod before she can do anything about it. As he forcefully unjacks her, she manages to fatally stab him before he tosses her across the room. Scorpio and Ivan run in just in time to for him jack himself in and seal himself in the pod. All of a sudden, neither of the men can move as Sirius seizes control over them and the ship. Scorpio ends up being forced to run away, but Liz manages to knock Ivan out of it. Ivan immediately throws his boarding axe into the control panel, which opens the pod, runs up and violently pulls Sirius out. The weapon starts to break apart around them and Simon starts insisting that they leave. Sirius books it, but the three of them are unwilling to leave as Hope is still sealed in the chamber. Simon hysterically states that he can probably eject the pod, but they need to leave now! Liz grabs him. Once outside, the whole system is a huge cluster-fuck. Liz picks up the Reaper and Hope’s pod and runs for the wormhole hoping they can make it out before the weapon blows or they’re discovered. Scorpio get’s into the Shadowmark and jacks in just in time to help Liz get through the killer jump. They have to get somewhere to help Hope, but they are nearly a week out from anywhere. Scorpio and Liz push themselves way past exhaustion trying to cut down that time while Ivan is left to occupy himself with his weapons, his armor, and his inner demons. Eventually Liz finds herself flying through the now dead Dorado system while the others sleep. Nothing seems real as the horror and pain masks her judgment as despite her near inability to fly anymore she point the Shadowmark to the nearest wormhole. Luckily she is hailed by a Quor’den-than ship requesting information, and upon hearing Liz’s brief explanation and plea for help offer take them aboard. When she lands they almost immediately take Hope’s pod away for further study and upon seeing Liz, drag her to a regen chamber. Ivan is forced to follow and try to mediate as Scorpio furiously demands to see Hope. They finally agree to take him and they see Hope, eyes glowing green with her hands pressed against the glass of the pod, comatose and completely unresponsive to any of the scientist attempt to communicate with her. After meeting his demands the Quor’den-thon insist Scorpio and Ivan be put into a regen chamber and are lead away from the workroom.

Identity Crisis

The Antares has been towed back to the Scout system of Dorado. They won the battle, at a great cost the ship and her crew. It will take months to repair the damage done to the Antares. Scorpio finds no time for himself, Hope, Regulus, or the Counselor who has expressed an urgent desire to see him soon. A third of the crew is dead and it’s all he can do to help settle things, evaluate damage, and start the repairs. Ivan is doing similar with the marines who lost half their comrades; many in a shot that took out one of the barracks. Liz is taken with a sudden bought of shyness and spends most her time repairing her ship, which she had taken to calling the Shadowmark, fixing the problems with Simon left over from the sabotage. When Scorpio gets a chance he speaks more with Regulus, with Ivan tailing him, who tells him more about the Empyrean order and how all their creations have psionic abilities. He himself is telekinetic. When asked why he’s coming to Resurrection, Regulus simply states that the way the Empyrean order is going about trying to ruling the universe will fail and he believes he can do better. He also reveals that they killed his twin. Afterwards Scorpio finds time to see the counselor. She explains that she feels the need to call his captaincy into question for the recent actions he has taken, but first she’d like to take a look into his mind. He allows it and they take an interesting look at his cold and nearly empty emotional state; except for the small little bit that has attached itself to Hope. When they come out of it, the counselor is having an epileptic fit and is rushed to the medic bay. When Scorpio sees Hope in the hall afterwards, he pulls her in for a kiss, which she gladly accepts. When the councilor recovers she explains that Scorpio’s hypnotic psionic ability surprised her and that she’ll be okay now. He had no idea he had any psionic ability, but there’s little time to dwell on it because the Scout admiralty council asks to see him. Meanwhile, Liz is asked to see her old friend and teacher, Scout Admiral Li Nguyen, also known as the Commander and Captain of the Mary Celeste. Much to her surprise, he gives her the deed to the Shadowmark, Chelsea give her preliminary first class pilot rank, and he asks her to meet himself and her two other teachers to discuss her status as a scout. The last makes her extremely nervous and she ends up passing her time with Ivan in one of the recreation halls. Ivan tells her about Regulus and how the man makes him nervous. Liz takes some time to meditate on the compass for comfort, but it tells her nothing for now. However on the way out she ends up getting stuck in a golden hall of warriors starting way back in ancient Terran and Novan history up to the great Antares. Their voices still echoing in her head, she tells Ivan about it who has seen this hall before in his own dreams. Scorpio then asks Ivan to come with him to the admiralty council and Liz leaves to walk the halls of her school before meeting her teachers. The memories sink deep, but are not as painful as she had feared. Scout, Commander, and Ghost ended up having good news. After her actions during the attack on the Antares, the admiralty council had decided not only to give her prelim 1st class pilot, but to completely reinstate her status as a scout, elevate her to captain, and give her first-in status for the jump through an untested wormhole. While this happy meeting takes place, Scorpio and Ivan receive word delivered from the council that Kel-Rik and Julia will be arriving any minute. Kel-Rik will be injured and in need of a special regen chamber which Kel-Rik asks Ivan to make sure is ready. True to their word, the Calypso II jumps into system and preparations are started. Liz is informed, rushes over, and meets Julia with the cryo chamber holding Kel-rik and helps her carry it to the med bay. Julia quickly takes over operations there and while Kel-Rik is being repaired, she asks to be briefed on their mission since they’ve been recruiting in Quor’den-than space for the past 3 months. It’s a lot to take in, and stories from both sides are told and filled in later that night with dinner on the Calypso II with Kel-Rik fully recovered. Both Kel-Rik and Julia are a more than a little surprised by the relationship status of Hope and Scorpio. Later that evening Kel-Rik takes Ivan aside to talk. They discuss Ivan’s life debt to him and agree that the terms of said debt have been met and Kel-Rik will release him. He’s much happier about it when Ivan agrees to stay with Resurrection for the time being. Kel-Rik also discusses Scorpio with Ivan, revealing to him that Scorpio’s status as captain is very unstable due to his actions in the battle and his lack of any real experience leading. The captaincy council the next morning reveals as much and there is little back up Scorpio except for the entire crew showing their support for Scorpio and Ivan and Liz’s testimonies. Even Scorpio has little to say for himself; except that he did what he felt he needed to when he left the ship on the Reaper. When the vote is tied, Kel-Rik makes the judgment to suspend Scorpio’s captaincy for a year or until the Antares is repaired, whichever comes first.

The Curtains Open

As the Antares’s crew recovers from their last escapade, Gregory receives delayed orders from Captain Kel-Rik to come meet himself and Julia at Dorado at a date 3-5 days from now. He informs Scorpio (who woke up in his room with a letter from Hope asking him to leave her alone) who okays the orders since he hasn’t heard anything from Liz yet. She hasn’t told him anything because the compass in her head is not giving her a direction. Liz informs Hope of this who suggests that she jack into Liz’s mind for trouble shooting, but that she wants to do it with the Lyran Counselor present. Meanwhile Scorpio finds Chelsea freaked out because she’s lost some of her memories and apparently some of her piloting skill for an unknown reason. He sends her to the counselor since medical has no idea what could be wrong. While escorting Chelsea, he meets a rather broken and beaten up looking Lieutenant Terry being escorted to the doctor by much less beaten up Ivan. Scorpio has also received word from this mysterious ‘ally’ saying he’d like to meet them before they reach Scout space. He accepts the offer and almost immediately orders Ivan to have him and his marines completely sweep the ship for info leaks. Hope helps Liz discover that the part they are looking for is actually the A.I. core from Mark underneath her bed- and the pull towards it instantly becomes too strong to bear. Liz sprints right past Ivan and Scorpio, who are seeking entry with a squad to search her shuttle, and ignores them until the box is in her hands. It’s only then that she realizes her ship has been recently tossed. She lets them in to search the ship. They trip a plasma mine, which Liz catches the brunt of, and kill the man hiding in the storage hold. Turned out the whole ship had been bobby trapped to kill the scout and possibly take out the Antares as well. Liz takes a time out to show Hope the A.I. core and Hope asks her to touch what looks like an A-synth to discover its purpose. While Liz is under, ship alarms go off as a fleet of Destroyers enter the system headed their way and will enter firing rang in a few hours. The Captain takes off for the bridge and Ivan for battle stations. On the way Scorpio gives permission for the small shuttle carrying the stranger to dock in the next few minutes. After making sure everything is fine on the bridge, he heads to the shuttle bay. Meanwhile Liz comes out of her trance like state and reports the A.I. is an almost completely finished project of Mark’s by the name of Simon. Trusting the Liz is still herself, Hope informs her that the ship will be under attack soon and offers to help her get the scout shuttle up and running. Scorpio ends up speaking with a man (who looks like Antares with blond hair) named Regulus. He was a member of the Empyrian Order; a group lead by a recently created clone ‘species’ per-say of which Antares was one of. Antares twin, Sirius, is the one that’s been following them- or specifically Scorpio. Since they lost Antares, the Order wants Scorpio and his genes back and that’s why they’re attacking. With the Destroyer’s closing in, Scorpio leaves and prepares his secret fighter ship, Reaper, for battle after the crew is set up; recruiting Ivan has his gunner. Chelsea, who appears to be feeling much better, takes off on the Defiant to get help. Liz decides to slip Simon into the A.I. slot of her shuttle and joins the Captain. Together they take out many of the missiles and enemy fighters, while sending reports about the strange ships and formations back to the Antares. Eventually the Reaper becomes too damaged to continue. Liz covers them back to the Antares, but her bay has been destroyed so she continues to cloak, take out wounded ships, and cover for the marines being shot out to take the ships from the inside. Ivan is one of them and he takes out one of the destroyer bridges, but is stopped from going to another one to rescue some held up marines. Barely avoiding detection, Liz picks him and his party up. Meanwhile, Scorpio reclaims the bridge and proves he’s in his element as he puts the Antares’ resources to full use; taking out entire ships at a time, while slowly retreating to the nearest wormhole. With more than half the enemy destroyers gone, it starts to look like they may win until Liz urgently contacts him saying the survivors have pulled together and appear to be building power for a single shot that the Antares won’t be able to stop. With Ivan’s urging, Scorpio makes the difficult decision to leave them behind and run. The Antares makes it to the jump-gate faster than any believed possible and the blast goes off just after they enter, taking the wormhole out instead. The Antares is met on the other side by the scout fleet being lead back by Chelsea. They dock on the Dreadnought, Mary Celeste, and wait to see if the wormhole will return. Liz gathers up the rest of the marines that are still alive and manages to stay hidden until the wormhole reappears. She’s only a second-class pilot, but there is no other option. She makes the jump and passes out on reentry near the Scout fleet. Ivan gets the shuttle back to the Antares and Liz to the medical bay before attempting to find the Captain. He discovers Scorpio’s in a meeting with the Scout Commander about repairs to the Antares. After the meeting, Scorpio reports back to Ivan and then makes his way to the docking bay where the Reaper is. There he find’s Hope staring at the piecemeal fighter looking like she had been crying. When she sees him, she goes straight up to him, socks him right in the nose, and then proceeds to kiss him until he can barely breathe.

Gemini Complex

This time the crew is led to the more remote location of the Gemini system; a bi-star system with one inhabitable planet caught tediously in a double orbit counter-balanced with an uninhabitable one. Scorpio receives a request that he meet someone who calls themselves ‘an unlikely ally’ completely alone early the next morning at a remote spot. They dock the Antares for a bit on a Resurrection owned space station to pick up some marines and a second lieutenant for Ivan. While on station, Ivan learns about some of the disturbing plans of the Resurrection board of directors back at headquarters, and that the Calypso II has been missing for months now. He lets Liz and the Captain know, but their options are limited and their orders from Kel-Rik still stand. Liz figures out that the part is probably planet side and might be the target initiator, but is a little concerned that she’s not positive and that Hope seems too distracted to help. She and the captain have not been getting along since Archangel. When Liz goes to tell Scorpio, she interrupts him receiving an invitation from twin brother and sister celebrities, called Castor and Pollux, from the planet below for dinner to discuss an offer. After her report she makes the decision to ask about the picture she got from Scout. Scorpio tells her to keep quiet and attend a meeting he’s holding with the appropriate officers from Resurrection. One of those is Chelsea, captain of the famous Resurrection courier ship The Defiant. The meeting is about the strange man that Scorpio believes is following them. The science officer reports that after extensive tests, the final result says that this man’s DNA is very close to Antares’ but is probably not him. It turns out to be more of an informative meeting since no one has any answers and Kel-Rik and Julia are completely out of reach. A message is sent to the captain of the Damocles just in case this man, or whoever he works for, is following Resurrection in general. Latter Chelsea gives Scorpio, Ivan, and Liz a ride down to the planet for dinner with the twins. Their home is highly secure and all weapons the party is carrying are removed except for Liz’s crystal knife, which goes undetected by the scanners. After a pleasant meal, they retreat to a side room where the twins reveal that they work for an organization that would like the Antares to stop its mission of looking for the Forerunner super-weapon or come work for them. Scorpio gives a magnificent refusal after which Castor states that it’s not the ship they want on their side, but Scout Bones and the program in her head. Liz refuses to have any such thing, which becomes difficult when they have a servant bring in the target initiator. Ivan signals ‘mole’ to Scorpio who gets ready. The twins attack after failing to control Liz’s mind, armed android guards enter the room, and the servant flees with the part. Scorpio attacks Castor with a steak knife left over from dinner and orders Ivan to grab Pollux. Liz takes off after the part. Ivan, wishing for a gun, suddenly finds a mini flame thrower coming out his wrist and aims it at the guards. After Ivan gets a hold of Pollux, the fighting stops and Castor proclaims “the Empyrean Order shall one day rule” before biting a poison tablet. Ivan tries to stop Pollux from doing the same, but fails so he cuts off her head in hopes that brain scans can answer some of their questions. Liz returns with the part in hand, Chelsea get’s their weapons back, and they run, calling in back up from the Antares. They and several of the marines are injured during the escape and one whole assault shuttle gets shot down on the way out. Chelsea get’s put into cryo. Ivan deals with his marines, and gives Scorpio a talking to about showing good leadership especially when it’s going bad, which Scorpio appears to take to heart. Liz stores the part and then gets sent to sciences to see about the brain scans. The science officer says that the poison turned the brain to complete mush. Taking a closer look at the face, Liz realizes that the twin’s facial features remind her slightly of the Antares guy following them. When she points this out to the science officer, he says that he can’t check that reliably now because the poison was ripping apart the DNA as they spoke. Back on the bridge, the captain gets word that for their attacks at the twin’s household, they are banished from the Gemini system and they have hours to get out or be blown apart. Scorpio sends a message for the person who had contacted him earlier to the remote spot explaining briefly why he won’t be coming and they leave system. Thoroughly exhausted, Scorpio leaves the bridge and wanders to Hopes quarters in hopes to talk, but ends up passing out as she opened the door.

Guardian Angel

The crew of the Antares land on the cold snowy planet of Archangel. Hope and Liz figure that the particle-wave amplifier is here, but for some reason Liz has no clear direction towards it. Ivan asks for leave since he has received news that his father is very ill. Scorpio, Ivan, and all the ship officers in full uniform exit the ship and are met by Ivan’s family, and his wife, Dunyasha. After the formal affair Liz informs Scorpio that she needs to report to Scout headquarters and takes off.
Ivan is brought back to see his father, Yermolai Novikov. Although the man puts on as good a show as ever, it worries Ivan significantly to see the strongest man he knows looking so frail. News of his father’s illness has reached political enemies, particularly the Aleksov household, who wish to destroy all the good the Novikov’s have tried to do for Archangel. They have reason to believe that Ivan’s marriage, to a Terran from a minor house, is not only unconsummated but invalid. The first is correct. Ivan had only met the women once before and after the marriage. Not only are they both a little uncomfortable with the arrangement, but Ivan is worried about his cybernetics (which instead of simply giving him the use of his body back have been showing signs of growing into his body) somehow affecting her. When he explains this to his father, the old Novan immediately orders tests to be done on his cybernetics, but suggest that in the meantime Ivan should be spending time with his wife. Dunyasha has filled out in more ways than one in ten years, and the two of them end up having a very pleasant time.
Meanwhile, Scorpio notices that Hope has completely disappeared. Unsure of what’s driving him, he goes searching for her. It takes him the better part of the day before he finds her in the slums of the capitol helping whoever she sees. Eager to help, he and Hope end up going to a “school” that is being started on the streets. Scorpio finds a man hanging out there who he is sure is from one of the ruling houses, but when he approaches him to ask if he can help him support this one chance these children have, the man reluctantly refuses because of the danger. Hope and Scorpio end up taking a bunch of the children to a house she has rented for the first hot meal and safe place to sleep these kids have had in a long time.
At the Scout base, Liz reports what she feels comfortable reporting about her post on the Antares to local Scout Commander Jericho Reece. She also receives a message from her brother, Justin Bones, saying he’s in town and would like her to meet a troubled friend of his. After briefly reviewing her records, Commander Reece brings up the fact that she was once friends with an A.I. genus by the name of Mark O’Shea (once friends meaning she last saw him shot right between glowing blue eyes). The scouts are now trying to decode his notes and the commander asks if there is anything she might know that could help. The box of Mark’s possessions he left her comes to mind, but she excuses herself to think on it and visit her brother. The person Justin introduces to her as Kayla, though greatly changed and without any memories, was her friend Rhae Torinth (was her friend meaning she last saw her being shot in the back of the head by a shardling Mark on a planet glassed shortly after). Completely overwhelmed, Liz returns to her shuttle where she pulls out the box from Mark that she never opened. It was full of parts, and data keys, but also contained a false bottom with an A-synth core beneath it and a personal letter to Liz with a picture of the three of them together. The letter reveals that Mark was working on something much bigger than what everyone thought. Needing answers she returns to the base to send a message to Scout headquarters demanding explanations, but realizes from the Reece’s reaction that she was not in control of herself. She excuses herself again to return to her brother’s house where she spends the night under his empathic care, talking with Kayla, and trying to glean as much information as she can while fighting down the pain.
Late that night, Scorpio notices that Hope is missing again and goes searching. He gets word of her being escorted away by some soldiers in Aleksov livery, and calls Ivan and Liz to help him get her back. Ivan immediately leaves his wife’s bed and Liz grudgingly finds them at the Aleksov’s underground fortress. Turned out that Hope was there of her own free will to visit with Anton, the youngest son of Head of House Sergei Aleksov. Scorpio recognizes him as the household member he talked with last afternoon. Ivan offers to take Hope back to the house and Scorpio takes off to tail them and watch the house for the rest of the night.
Dawn finds Liz wandering the local Bazaar where she’s suddenly directed straight to a closed scrap shop with the particle-wave amplifier inside it. Ignoring the urging in her head, she heads back to Scout base where one of her old teachers, Sean Phillips (who everyone knows simply as Scout), is waiting for her. Turned out the Reece had contacted headquarters about her outburst and Scout volunteered to come over and see what was wrong. Liz tells him everything and after stating his opinion of the world not being ready for what Mark discovered, they decide to go visit Kayla.
Scorpio rejoined Hope at the street school and ends up meeting Anton Aleksov, again. Not wanting his identity revealed, he agrees to takes Scorpio’s donation to the school and asks if there is any way Scorpio can get him in touch with Yermolai Novikov so he may ask for asylum from his insane father. Scorpio agrees and sends messages to Ivan about him. He also sends a message to Liz about a potential stalker Ivan had discovered while exploring the rooftops around the house Hope was staying in.
Ivan gets word that his tests are in. With his father present, the researcher reveals that Ivan’s cybernetics appear to be made of a conscious crystal that may likely take over his entire body within the next 50 years. The fact that he even survived the grafting was a miracle, seeing how the other two people the Aleksovs had tried these experimental cybernetics on had died. However, all of that has to be put on the side, because the trial before the Emperor on the issue of Ivan’s marriage takes place in a few hours. If they can’t prove legitimacy, Dunyasha Novikov will likely be stoned for trying to marry too high. He’s allowed 3 character witnesses and asks Scorpio, Hope, and Liz to attend. He and his father also pay a visit to the street school to meet with Anton and plans are made.
Scout confirms that Kayla was Rae, but has no explanation on how she survived. He also volunteers to find the stalker Scorpio was telling Liz about while she prepares for and attends the trial. While heading back to the ship, Liz picks up the particle-wave amplifier from the scrap shop. Scorpio and Hope also return to the ship to get ready and the three of them attend the trial.
At the trial, the many accusations against the Novikov family are made, but the charges are clearly that the marriage between Ivan and Dunyasha is unconsummated and invalid because of the sickness that surely must have been tampering with Yermolai’s mind when he arranged it. Ivan brings up Aleksovs attempt to shorten and or end his life with his cybernetics, but Sergei proclaims that has nothing to do with the charges at hand. Yermolai offers evidence that the marriage has been consummated and then proclaims that if Sergei doubts his sharpness, then he challenges him to a duel to the death. Sergei declines the challenge due to his responsibilities, but then everyone is shocked when Anton stands up providing evidence that his father has been poisoning Yermolai Novikov for years now. All hell breaks loss, the Emperor slits Yermolai’s throat on the spot and his eldest son, Leonid , pulls a plasma cannon. Liz throws a knife at the arm holding the weapon and Leonid disappears under a pile of Novan’s with Ivan at the bottom attempting to kill him with his bare hands. The Emperor himself pulls everyone off, sentences Leonid to death by exposure, and places Alton in charge of the household. Scorpio and Hope return to the Antares and take off. Ivan and Liz join them later in her shuttle after wrapping up their personal business. Scout Phillips reports to Scorpio and Liz that the stalker had given him the slip. This by itself terrifies Liz a little because when it comes to tracking and survival, Scout is the best there is. However Scorpio is a little more worried about the description the old man gave him of the stalker. It very closely matched the man he was force to run from back on Britannica.


The crew finds themselves led to the far side of the Britannica system; to the crowded space station of Essex. This time they are looking the Control Core Interface for the weapon. Once on station, Liz, Scorpio, Hope, and Ivan are led to a crowded, smoky gentleman’s bar and straight to a man sitting in the back with beautiful women on his arms and Novan guards standing nearby. Since the trail ended there, Scorpio sits down with the man to have a talk about what they are looking for. The man’s name is Marik Jung, the local Outfit boss. He says he knows where the part is, but it is going to cost them- too much. He then offered to have Liz do some “services” for him, but Scorpio absolutely refuses and Jung rudely dismisses them. Ivan smashes one of the Novans into the ground on their way out. Back on ship, they make plans to trick him into getting the part from him. Since Jung seemed to show an” interest” in women, they decided to send Liz and Hope back in “behind the captains back” while Scorpio and Ivan watched from a distance. Scorpio went on ahead, dressed in dirty coveralls while drinking and smoking, to search the area and get into position. When Liz, Hope, and Ivan enter the bar, they find Jung busy talking to a very large, very dangerous looking man. When the large man leaves the bar, Scorpio gets a glance at his face. The man looks exactly like his father… the legendary Antares! He follows the man to his ship, where he ends up fighting the stranger and is injured by him before being forced to run and get picked up by the marines. Meanwhile, Liz is talking to Jung and they quickly discover that he is not interested in what they thought, but believes she’s an assassin he’d like to hire. She goes along with it and follows him to a warehouse with Hope still playing the ditzy companion and Ivan tailing them all. Once inside, Liz spots the part among all of the illegal contraband. Jung asks her into a side room alone where she immediately finds herself with a gun to her head and questions she won’t answer. He shoots her in the foot, but as he gets close to tie her up, she stabs him and then throws another knife at him when he tries to run for the door. When she opens the door, Ivan is standing outside the door with a maser and all of the guards passed out from a sort of sleeping gas, thanks to Hopes handy work. They grab the part and make an escape out of the airlock. Once back on ship, and with everyone’s wounds healed, messages are received and some tests are made. There was some blood from the stranger on Scorpios coveralls. The DNA matches Antares’s. Scorpio swears the medical and science officers into secrecy, even though when Hope sees the picture he took while in pursuit she swears that cannot be Antares. Liz’s reveals that their next destination is Archangel, which is good because Ivan has just received word that he needs to return to his home world as soon as possible. The next day they travel on, taking a few moments to recognize Earth day; the anniversary of the complete glassing of Mother Terra in the last intergalactic war over half a century ago. It is a reminder of why they are attempting to stop this next war before it even starts. Just before the jump through the Archangel wormhole, they receive a message from Jung informing them that though The Outfit has placed a bounty on their heads, they should truly be afraid of another entity following them. But even this dire warning doesn’t shake Ivan from his worry about what is ahead.

The Hunt Begins

The Antares has docked at Exploiter headquarters, the only place where they will find a computer that can read the information from the sphere. While Scorpio seeks out the exploiter council for permission to use the ancient computer, Liz and Ivan explore the flea market. There they see all kinds of forerunner relics, but their interest is sparked when they find a gentleman who claims he can reprogram holo-crystals and believes he’s discovered how the forerunner used similar crystals to create B-synths. Meanwhile the council gives Scorpio permission to use the computers. He has Hope and Ul Taire get working right away. When he returns to the ship, Ivan and Liz tell him what they’ve found and he sends a private message with the information to Kel-Rik. Twenty-two hours later Scorpio gets an urgent call from Hope asking him to come down right away and to bring the scout with him. Suspecting trouble he also takes Ivan with him. When they arrive they find Hope knocked out with the exploiter tech trying to revive her. Ul Taire explains that they had discovered something important and she had jacked in to download the info, but it ended throwing her across the room. The jack in port was fried. They tried to get Hope back to the ship, but no one could lift her until she stood up, eyes glowing, and pointed to Liz; gesturing for her to come to her. Liz tried to resist and Scorpio got in front of her to stop the scout from attacking Hope, but Hope psionically threw Scorpio across the room and forced Liz into her arms. Hope pressed her fingers to Liz’s head and then they both passed out. Scorpio ordered Gregory to take off as soon as they got on board. When the two girls where revived in med bay, Hope declared that she knew what they were looking for and how they were going to win the war, but she didn’t know where they needed to go next. However a direction burned in Liz’s mind. Later, Hope explains that they are looking for a super weapon that is supposed to defeat the Crystalids for good and that the first thing they needed to get was the energy source. Liz continues to ignore the directions burning in her mind, but when she finds the planet that the directions are leading her to she finds that name burned into her mind; End-run, a shithole of a planet in the middle of nowhere. She eventually finds herself sick in front of the Scorpio and Ivan, repeating the directions and the name of the planet. After a council with the head officers they head for the planet, reading for trouble. When they arrive, Liz leads them to an old forerunner ruin crawling with the operations of some local crime boss. They fight their way in. Scorpio gets injured and Ivan ended up killing all but one of the remaining fighters trapped inside of their EMPed bodied armor. They break into the compound and are met with a dangerous looking man and about another seventy people standing in between them and the energy source. He tries to cut them a deal for it that Resurrection could not pay it, so Ivan offers to fight him for it. He accepts and Ivan earns the cryochamber killing him; only to discover that the man was the former second mate of a smuggling ship he had been on before. They escape the planet with the energy source. The hunt had officially begun.

Delivery Run
Episode 2

The crew is bored… it’s been six months since Scorpio has taken over and there has been nothing to report except the occasional bar fights. So when Scorpio gets the order from the board of directors to pick up a package in the Britannica system, he takes it without complaint despite the fact that the Antares is a war ship, not a currier. Turned out the package, however, was the most recent incarnation of the Dali Lama and his escorts; and that his payment for safe travel was not money, but information. This information came in the form of a true prophecy given not only to the captain, but to Ivan and Liz as well. It also came in the form of a strangely powerful, heavy, black sphere that frightened Hope when she saw it. She wouldn’t say much about it except that it was crystalid made and that she believed it held information, but Ul Taire, the Quor’den Master Trader, may know more. It was put away. While passing an asteroid field, the Antares was stopped by space pirates demanding their package. Their ships were smaller, but they had Scorpio’s ship surrounded with several of the asteroids training guns on them as well. Fearing for the young Dali Lama’s life, Ivan and Liz smuggle him and his escorts onto her shuttle, which cloaked as soon as it detached, while Scorpio stalled the pirates. They forced him to planet side where he soon realized that the pirates where not after his passenger, but the sphere. Meanwhile Liz and Ivan discover that the jump-gate out of the system was blocked by even more of the same pirates so they start to carefully make their way back to the ship. Scorpio receives quick help from Ul Taire in downloading the information of the sphere into a computer and takes it out in hopes to bargain for his ship and crew. It goes badly, the sphere is lost, and Ivan and Liz return to a gun fight. With no time to land, Ivan jumps from the shuttle and helps Scorpio and the marines take out the ground fighters while Liz takes things from above and Hope fires from the ship. Two marines were killed and they had to make a speedy escape when one of the pirate ships reactors blew. Getting out of the system proved to be an even bigger challenge that required Liz to scout out the system while Hope, Ryn, and Gregory hacked the asteroid guns. In the final run for the jump-gate they trained the asteroid guns on the ships and attacked with the Antares, while Scorpio piloted Liz’s shuttle to take out the incoming ship. Once out of system Ivan retires to inform the families of the deceased marines. Liz returns to her shuttle feeling better than she has in a while. Wondering what else that little ship can do she sits down and starts to write a letter to the Scout commander. Scorpio, devastated at the lost of some of his crew and how close he came to losing his ship, opens a bottle until Hope comes in and sends him to bed.

The True Prophecies:
To Scorpio: The answer to your question lies deep within the dark, and when you stand closest to your goal, the key will be torn from your grasp. When the Dog Star wanes, the Lord of Death shall take his throne.

To Liz: The damaged soul shall heal, the injured heart shall mend. The foes of each shall know the death that was brought her friends.

To Ivan: Be wary and watchful, in all that you do…. But… You do need to learn to be more human… Be careful that you don’t become your role more than yourself.

Episode 1

In this episode, a 20 year circle is complete. Antares’s son, Scorpio, is ready to take control of the ship that is his father’s name sake. Kel-Rik and Calypso meet up with Julia and Hope who have just returned from Antares’s maiden voyage where all the basic crew was picked up. On board is Ivan Novikov, Marine Lieutenant and responsible for the weapons, marines, and personal safety of the captain. Also already on board is Liz Bones, a guide scout staying aboard a docked shuttle. A ceremony is performed as the captain’s helm is switched from Julia to Scorpio Merci; just in time for her to board the Calypso II with Kel-Rik and take off with no info on where they’re going or when they’ll be back. Liz receives a gift from an old friend, but it does little to curb her anxiety of her sister’s departure. Even Ivan couldn’t ignore the stress Kel-Rik seemed to be under. Scorpio quickly and efficiently takes charge and they start out to pick up the rest of the crew. With Hope working out the kinks in the engine room, the rest of the crew settles down. Scorpio orders psych evaluations on everyone already there and coming in. This keeps the Lyran psych officer busy, which is no mean feat while her cell is having authority issues. Liz helps Ivan train the marines in hand to hand combat, and Ivan is kept busy with keeping the Marines under control. This gets especially difficult when accusations get thrown about between the Marines that almost required captain interference. After coming out of one of the jumps, Liz gets a message from the scout commander saying they believe there is an intruder on board the ship, someone he believe means harm to both the captain and the mission, but no other information. This doesn’t make any since until a mysterious man starts to show people up in the boxing ring. Suspecting that something is up, Scorpio challenges him in the ring and just barely beats the guy down, by which time Ivan takes over. Turned out the guy belongs on the Antares, but someone had messed with both him and his records. Despite a complete search of the ship, nothing was found.


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